What you can expect

This course is a developmental experience that requires an investment of your time and engagement in the activities in order to gain the maximum value.

Your investment in this course includes access to the Leading With Meaning & Purpose Community and a once a month, live, virtual networking and Q&A event!

Total estimated time investment to complete the course: 12 hours

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    4. WATCH: Laying-In the Course for Our Journey

    5. DOWNLOAD: Leading WITH Meaning & Purpose Course Syllabus

    6. DOWNLOAD: Leading With Meaning & Purpose Course Companion eWorkbook

    7. REVIEW: Course Objectives

    8. REGISTER: The Purpose-Driven Leadership Networking Monthly Networking Event

    9. ACTIVITY: Opening Check-In Survey

    1. WATCH: So, you want to be a great leader?

    2. READ: Introduction & Welcome (pages 1-13)

    3. ACTIVITY: Opening Reflection

    1. WATCH: Why Start With Why?

    2. READ: Part One (pages 15-28)

    3. KNOWLEDGE CHECK: Nine Reasons You Should Lead & Live by a Leadership Philosophy

    4. WATCH: Habit 2: Begin With The End In Mind - Video featuring Dr. Stephen R. Covey

    5. KNOWLEDGE CHECK: Habit 2 Video

    6. ACTIVITY: Habit 2 Video Thought Questions

    7. WATCH: How Great Leaders Inspire Action - Video featuring Simon Sinek

    8. ACTIVITY: Simon Sinek Video Thought Questions

    9. REGISTER: The Purpose-Driven Leadership Networking Monthly Networking Event

    10. ACTIVITY: Learning Pod Meeting 1

    1. WATCH: Introduction to the Staircase

    2. READ: Introduction to the Staircase to a Leadership Philosophy (pages 33-36)

    1. WATCH: Values & Character Strengths

    2. READ: Step One - Identify & Clarify Your Core Values (pages 37-42)

    3. ACTIVITY: Alan's List of Values Worksheet

    4. READ: Core Values & Character Strengths (pages 44-45)

    5. ACTIVITY: The VIA Classification of Character Strengths & Virtues

    6. WATCH: Mountains & Valleys

    7. ACTIVITY: Mountains & Valleys

    8. ACTIVITY: Identify & Clarify Your Core Values

    9. ACTIVITY: Learning Pod Meeting 2

    10. OPPORTUNITY: Coaching discount just for you!

    1. WATCH: What is a leadership philosophy?

    2. READ: Step-Two - Draft Leadership Philosophy (pages 53-66)

    3. KNOWLEDGE CHECK: Drafting Your Leadership Philosophy

    4. WATCH: I Have a Dream Speech Excerpt

    5. ACTIVITY: I Have a Dream Speech Thought Questions

    6. ACTIVITY: Getting Started

    7. WATCH: BONUS VIDEO! How to know your life purpose in 5 minutes

    8. ACTIVITY: Drafting Your Leadership Philosophy

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    Learn why leading with meaning and purpose is so important to leaders today.

    Then, walk through a proven step-by-step process for developing your very own, personal leadership philosophy.

    Finally, discover best-practices, tools, and strategies to lead and live by your leadership philosophy and leverage it to amplify your leadership effectiveness.

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